“Skegee” – J.I.D

Dreamville artist J.I.D provides his third track of 2021 with ‘Skegee’.   J.I.D talks about Tuskagee, Alabama – the city and it’s historically black university. J.I.D provides us with a history lesson within the lyrics with his calm and collected flow and references the infamous Tuskagee experiment. The Tuskagee experiment refers to the untreated Syphilis and the tests that were only completed on African-American men in this town in Alabama. Only years later, were ethical issues brought up about the study, including the fact that the U.S. government lied by saying those who participated in the study would receive free health care. This is only one of the few examples of exploitation of African-Americans in America.

Towards the end of the song, J.I.D continues to share views about the ongoing unfair treatment of African-Americans in today’s society with lines such as: “No matter how much I say it, they ain’t hearin’ my voice. ‘Cause as long as them crackers payin’, you ain’t much of a choice”

J.I.D continues to bring powerful messages within his songs and we should be on the lookout to see what he can bring for the rest of 2021.