From the artist: “I was told there was once a world where slaves communicated with each other via music, and tho I wasn’t present for that, the HipHop I fell in love with always encouraged me to do the same (Thank you Public Enemy)…. Let this act as an unfortunate reminder that times change and […]
Joey Bada$$ takes us a introspective journey through the black experience in modern day America.  The anger, the confusion, and the desire for change is all laid down carefully under undeniably politically charged lyrics.
Jack Harlow on Lil Nas X: “I think he’s giving a voice to a lot of people and kids who could use one. I think the community he represents could use someone who’s succeeding on a mainstream level — it doesn’t have to be a niche thing, it can feel like, Yo, you can be number […]
From the artist: “I wrote “I Can’t Breathe” ft MacGuyver five years ago after the tragic deaths of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and so many other unarmed Black men, women and children. Five years later, this song is still relevant. It’s a song I never wanted to write, a song I wish I […]
This offering from Kendrick Lamar led some publications to declare that “Alright” was the “unifying soundtrack” of the Black Lives Matter movement after several youth-led protests were heard chanting the chorus.  It is a lyrically festive song about struggle and hope.
Dreamville artist J.I.D provides his third track of 2021 with ‘Skegee’.   J.I.D talks about Tuskagee, Alabama – the city and it’s historically black university. J.I.D provides us with a history lesson within the lyrics with his calm and collected flow and references the infamous Tuskagee experiment. The Tuskagee experiment refers to the untreated Syphilis and […]
Atlanta’s own Daye Jack and Killer Mike linked on this track to reflect on the history of protests in response to police brutality aimed at African-American communities. From the video’s director David Gallardo: “The montage served as a way to show that despite the tragic subject matter, it brought people together from all walks of […]
Inspired by ongoing events concerning the relationship between the police and communities of color, Joey plays Badmon, a vigilante fighting against the system here known as the “Supremacy”.  A fake newscasts pulls us through the visuals as Badmon and company roam the city streets seeking justice.
“You made me change my f’ing name!” Bobby Sessions lets loose on the built-up aggressions that can manifest itself in a people who’ve experienced centuries of racism. Tough visuals with no-holds-barred lyrics take the stage in this political track.
Trae Tha Truth and Mysonne gather a range of versatile artists to express recent and on-going Black Live Matter events.‘Time For Change’ shows a range of flow while sharing an important message in the meantime. This 9 minute music video includes relevant and talented animated messages that we’ve come across during the social justice movement. […]
Quelle Chris has been around for some time, and it’s likely you haven’t been listening to him enough. “Obamacare” isn’t a bad place to start as you don’t hear many metaphors being pulled from healthcare policies, but as Quelle says “I’d like to think of my music as free healthcare for all”. He also gets […]
From the artist: “There are so many songs where people, they got a good message, they’re saying things that needs to be said, but they abandoned the song.  Some people are willing to do that, but the balance is very important to me. So I wanted to go back and make sure the lyrics were […]
Dutch electronic artist AREA21 hit us with a hip-hop track from the perspective of extraterrestrials hovering around our planet and recording what they see.  Maejor details some of the wrongdoings he sees happening on our planet, along with the hope that change can come.  Martin Garrix accompanies these messages with spacey trap, bass and hip-hop […]
Childish Gambino puts together one of the most definitive moments in the history of political art since the 1960’s. Expert satirical, clever lyrics, and a very danceable beat makes a profound statement about the perception of being black in America versus the reality.
PTTP favorites Killer Mike and El-P seem to continually tackle complex social issues head-on in a plethora of titles and “Close Your Eyes (And Count To F—)” is no different. In statement to the Huffington Post, El-P describes it best: “this is a vision of a seemingly never-ending struggle whose participants are pitted against each […]
The living legend drops this single from his new album King’s Disease. A flawlessly constructed homage to all things black. Enjoy.
Chicago natives Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper unite with Wyclef Jean, taking on the social and criminal justice system in this sentimental piece. Wyclef Jean provides a soulful and powerful chorus, along with Chance pouring out his message and feelings also. Vic Mensa starts and ends ‘Shelter’ with strong messages about society’s current events […]
Lil Baby contributes to the beautifully introspective hip-hop tracks coming forth since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Over three verses Baby spits at a lightning pace touching on the personal and the societal, projecting hope and fear, love and hate, clarity and confusion. It’s a master class and certainly will be one of […]
“Black Lives Matter,” a new track by the young Detroit rapper Teejayx6 was written in the days following the killing of George Floyd. While he no doubt intends on supporting the Black Lives Matter movement he also can’t ignore the inescapable fact that for him, slogans fall short: “Another black man just died on camera/But […]
The very first track from the Conflict Cables music video mixtape features Born I with a autobiographical piece about coming up in nation’s capital. PTTP will often feature music that offers insight into the lives of others. As one of our fundamental goals at this platform is to bridge gaps between communities, getting honest perspectives on […]
Not everybody likes Democrats, and count Tef Poe, one of the unsung heroes from the Ferguson protests, as one of them.  This song echoes a frustration shared by many in the African-American community about democratic politicians and policies.
“We the People” is a politically charged song aimed directly at Trump-style politics that have come to dominate the nation and perhaps the world. The song is about intolerance, fear, discrimination, and other issues present in our society we all need to work towards ridding ourselves of.
“Handlebars” is about the sheer power of human potential “to be destructive or to be creative”, according to Flobots frontman Jonny 5. Though the song emphasizes the danger of abusing that power, it can also be viewed as a call to put human ingenuity to more productive, positive use.
Not long after YG’s feud with Tekashi 6ix9ine – ignited by reports that the latter turned informant for a reduced sentence and has become a notable Donald Trump supporter – the California-born rapper touches on his own experiences within the criminal justice system after his arrest for suspicion of robbery prior to the 2019 Grammy […]
Talib Kweli and 9th Wonder present the official music video for “Bangers” (Remix) from MK Asante, Uzi, and Nottz. 9th opens with commentary about the power of music for oppressed people and PTTP couldn’t agree more. It is this belief that drives this very project. Some clever imagery also strings this video together and reminds […]