Vancouver-based Native North American rap duo (“Young D” Metz and Quinton “Yung Trybez” Nyce) hail from the Haisla Nation and return with Bolsen with a call to action. A statement from Snotty Nose Rez Kids: “‘Creator Made an Animal’ is our way of paying homage to the place that we call home as our spirits […]
The Zambian singer-songwriter and rapper describes “OMG” and her artistry to Pitchfork in the best way possible: “I personally believe that people who live on the continent have a duty towards their family in the diaspora: re-teach them our culture, our language, our spirituality, our ways, and give us back to our people. For me […]
Written by the lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons, “Drone Bomb Me” seductively implicates the listener as she traces drone warfare directly to the body by turning the abstract nature of this futuristic warfare into something disturbingly intimate.
With an urging beat and evocative animation, “The Wolf” brings addiction to raging life. The disease is personified both in the lyrics and the visuals, where it takes the form of a monstrous, relentless wolf on the hunt. But it isn’t all hopeless – the video subtly suggests that mutual support and cooperation with other […]
With “Michael X” reggaeton artist Myke Towers illustrates that the issue of race isn’t confined to the continental US.  The Puerto Rico native recently expressed to he felt compelled to take a stand on the issue “as a Latin artist who has been heavily influenced by Black culture.” Full translation: [Intro] We are oppressed, […]
“Supa-cala fascist, racist, espi-ala-tazors.” People focused on her mention of Rihanna and Madonna in this track, but a single listen and you’ll know precisely who she’s taking aim at with this political lyricism.
The injustice and repression that marred Angola in his past became inspiration for this Manchester-based dark-electro artist. During the 1992 Angolan election, Nazar’s older sisters were forced to take shelter with foreign journalists to escape the tumult on the streets. The visuals from the video look like a dystopian Salvador Dali painting, which along with […]
Putin’s archenemies are back with MARA 37 with an eerie tune about a dystopian world created by unchecked abuses against our environment.  In a lead up to the release of the video, the group made a series of guerrilla campaigns according to their website.  In an open letter to Putin and his “cronies” from Nadya Tolokonnikova: […]
M.I.A. has a long history of speaking about the trails and tribulations of refugees and does so from her own experience as a refugee fleeing the war-torn Sri Lanka and emigrating to London when she was 10. This video features real people and refugees from camps in the south of India where Sri Lankan Tamils […]
From the artist: “For centuries, Ukrainians have been brainwashed with foreign ideas*, forced to act in foreign interests and fight someone else’s wars. Now we have to, finally, take responsibility for our actions and take charge.”
At the heart of Gotye’s “Eyes Wide Open” is love for his family’s “lost natural haven” in Victoria and a “subconscious fear of losing a place like that”. With eerie stop-motion and a bass line played on the Winton Musical Fence, “Eyes Wide Open” envisions a bleak, post-apocalyptic world ravaged by climate disaster, war, unchecked […]
The Jamaican native changes up the visuals with this artistic lyric video about the brutal reality of the endless cycle of violence between the police and shottas.
“Unruly”, the visually clever offering shot entirely on VHS from East London grime legends D Double E and Footsie, takes us on a banging ride thru London’s gritty Bow district, a famous area that has birthed some genre’s greatest artists. The Bow District is to London and Grime what the Bronx was to the US […]