On December 28th, 2016 there was an incident of police brutality that took place in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. “Children” was written in response to this incident and showcases the response of youth communities to these incidents.
This visually stunning Sean Evans video is a futuristic take on the story of labor activist Joe Hill who was killed by a firing squad in 1915. A statement from Tom Morello: “Revolutionary labour troubadour Joe Hill was murdered by a Utah firing squad for a crime he did not commit. They pinned a heart […]
The iconic punk band is no stranger to social issues and “Bang Bang” is no different, mixing elements of the band’s early punk days with some of the style of their politically motivated albums. This song was inspired by the mass shootings that continue to plague our country and is written from the viewpoint of […]
“What is demagoguery, and where does it come from?” This is the question Colin Meloy of The Decemberists sought to explore in the single “Severed”. The lyrics keep this exploration fairly abstract, with the speaker spewing manipulative, incendiary rhetoric and descriptions that are common to all demagogues but exclusive to none. The video, on the […]
The late icon found himself deeply troubled by the death of Freddie Gray. In response Prince wrote a tribute to the city that reflected on the disturbances seen across the nation in the last few years. From the artist: “The system is broken, it’s going to take the young people to fix it this time. […]
In “Mexican Chef” the powerful singer/songwriter satirically destroys America’s endless hypocritical treatment of Latinos alluding to their almost ubiquitous presence in the country’s work force.
War on Women tells the story of enslaved black women Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey who were experimented on by James Marion Sims. He is widely viewed as the founding father of modern gynecology. The video incorporates images related to Sims and the three women he violated. The statue honoring Sims was removed around the time […]
At times we all find ourselves stuggling to live up to society’s expectations of who we should be and how we should act, but as many of us realize and continue to work towards, is the fact that making peace with oneself and being precisely who you are is the only way to fly.  Thank […]
In 2017 Sufjan Stevens wrote “Christ would be ashamed of us all,” . He was referring to the refugee crisis, days after the inauguration of Donald Trump. “The truest of ‘Americans,’” he said, “have either been destroyed by the white immigrant, incarcerated, isolated, held captive, or stolen and enslaved.” Even then, critics would speak of […]
The Chicks’ brooding anthem “March March” is at once sweeping and specific in its call for social reform. Released during the swell of protests in the summer of 2020 sparked by the murder of George Floyd, the video puts the ongoing struggle for racial justice front and center by showing the names of hundreds of […]
Priests have come to the point where they are completely dissatisfied with the electoral college system and the arbitrary nature of American democracy. We understand. PTTP.
The Texas’ post-hardcare group returns from a long absence to release their first track in over 10 years. “Governed By Contagions” acts as almost a warning against political passivity, giving us a bleak picture of an urban dystopia ruled by unchecked despots, dictators, and war criminals.
From the artist: “Shameika is real. When I first wrote the song, I was not entirely convinced she existed. Because I have this one memory and it’s a very big memory for me. But maybe I created this person. My third-grade teacher, Linda Kunhardt, was my favorite teacher. I’ve kept in touch with her over […]
Gary Clark Jr. experienced a lot of racism growing up in the American south and ‘This Land’ is a testimony to some of those incidents and emotions.  To the Rolling Stone Gary Clark Jr. described his youth as “getting dog shit in the mailbox, people writing ‘nigger’ on my fence outside my parent’s house, riding […]
Riot grill pioneers Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre) and Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile) lend their vocals to a parody of the 1980’s film 9-5 starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton. The film is a very well suited metaphor of pay inequality and a fun way to make a serious statement.
IDLES expertly use archival footage over this punk track to examine the theme of masculinity and some of the damaging ideologies that have been passed down thru the generations. This track also throws a spotlight on the hurtful consequences to both men and women from boys becoming enslaved to the ever-present concept of being a […]
Powered by the strength of lead singer Victoria Ruiz’s voice, the Downtown Boys take aim at the idea of the “Great Wall” that was campaigned on during the 2016 election.
Indie folk band Bon Iver’s “AUATC” immeidately brings memories of the hit 90’s song, “Shed a Little Light”, by James Taylor. The band put out a statement with this song that calls for people to support charities globally, locally, and nationwide. Read statement from band here.
Grandson has made no secrets about his source of inspiration for this Rage Against the Machine cover….Tom Morello. A statement from Grandson: “The intention was to juxtapose a story of Mexican migration/indentured servitude with Delta Deep South American blues as a commentary on slave labor and the perversion of the American Dream. What’s more American […]